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Prevention or how to create patterns that increase your driving safety
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Whether you are on the road for long periods for work or drive short distances to visit your friends and family, safety is the main element to consider while driving. Millions of cars transit cities every day and enable their owners to maximise their time. All these trips imply dangerous situations that may occur if the traffic rules are broken. 

In the UK, thousands of car accidents happen every day, causing different injuries and transforming the traffic into an unsafe environment, so defensive driving or using some popular methods, like car technology, can increase road safety and prevent unpleasant situations. 

Check out and apply the following tips if you want to increase safety while you are on the road and have incident-free car trips: 

Follow the rules 

Traffic signs are made to provide safe and secure driving experiences, and neglecting or ignoring them can put all the traffic participants in danger. They are strategically placed, so every time you drive, respect the signs and don't try to use tricks or avoid them. 

Don't let other factors distract you. While looking at your smartphone, your attention is pulled away from the road, and it takes just a few seconds of inattention to cause a car crash. Remember that texting or scrolling on the phone are the main activities that cause road accidents.

The best way to avoid these situations is to focus on your driving and keep in mind that every time your attention is distracted, your and others' lives are in danger. If speaking on the phone is your priority choose a wireless earpiece or Bluetooth technology. 

Use transport technology 

Technology evolution is helpful in all fields of activity, and using it makes life easier for everyone. As in every social area, technology is used every day to improve driving safety. Different video recording systems, cameras and screens, sensor systems and safety alarms are available, and you can use them every time you drive. If you love to ride a bike, don't forget that you can find suitable accessories for it too. 

The video recording systems can be installed onboard and provide important information about how your car trips evolve because the images become available on your laptop or computer. You can opt for sensor systems that detect obstructive elements such as cyclists, pedestrians, or walls in the blind spot to enhance pedestrian safety. These car technologies can become handy traffic assistants and real guardian angels if certain obstacles come in your way.

You can find a wide range of car technologies and accessories on websites specialised in transport technology.

An emergency kit is essential

Whether you are involved in a car accident, or a medical problem occurs for you or one of the car passengers, an emergency kit is a must. Make sure you have both, a first aid kit useful for injuries and one that has accessories such as a warning triangle, flashlights, extra batteries, utility tools, fire extinguisher and jumper cables.

To avoid complications, make sure the injuries don't require professional assistance. If you are involved in or witness a severe accident, ask for help as soon as possible. 

If your car seems to need adjustments while on the road, in case you get a flat tire, for example, stop the vehicle in a safe place for you and the other drivers. If it's not possible, use a warning triangle to make sure everyone is informed about your incident.

Never forget to use your seatbelt

In the early eighties wearing a seatbelt anytime you are on the road became a legal requirement, and it is estimated that 50 million lives have been saved since then. You may ask why it is so important. There are multiple answers: when you place it cross-body, it offers protection, secures your position, prevents ejection in case of a major crash and the impact force is distributed over your body's strongest parts. 

Injury prevention is the primary purpose for car producers, and the seatbelt can protect you from severe spinal cord and brain injuries that can be fatal. 

The most important safety element in your car can save your life, and it's necessary to wear it. Make sure you do this properly and avoid, for example, putting your arms above the strap because the latter action can seriously affect your safety if you are involved in an accident. 

Resting is important 

Long car trips can cause drowsy driving, and an essential weapon against it is resting. This dangerous practice is one of the leading causes of traffic incidents, along with texting and scrolling on your phone. 

Lack of sleep affects your attention, and it may lead to a low level of concentration. Imagine feeling tired and deciding to close your eyes for a few seconds while driving. This imprudent action alters your coordination, awareness and reaction time. A car crash that causes serious injuries or even death is more likely to happen if your cognitive capacity is altered. 

To avoid this situation, try to get plenty of sleep before a long drive and don’t drive more than eight hours in a day. It's recommended to plan a break every two or three hours, but if you feel you need more rest while you are on the road, don't hesitate to increase the stops. 

Pay attention to your vehicle condition  

A vehicle inspection is a must if you want to increase your safety while driving. Maintaining your car in good condition and offering it the proper amount of attention every month can drop the risk of breaking down unexpectedly significantly. 

Regular checks protect your vehicle from unwanted problems such as engine failure. Identifying your car needs is a mandatory criterion for increasing usage duration and safe traffic experiences. Don't neglect your car condition, whether it needs a monthly oil change or more complex repairs that require specialised help.  

Considering the severe injuries a car accident can cause, road safety is essential for protecting traffic participants' lives. Try to follow the provided patterns to ensure you don't risk your life while driving. Also, don't hesitate to invest in intelligent systems such as cameras and monitors because they are good helpers for every vehicle. 

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