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Key factors to consider before measuring level of liquids
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Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. has evolved from a six employee enterprise, in 1984 to become a premier Indian company recognized for quality level measurement and process automation systems for liquids & solids. We are an ISO 9001 2015 Company located in the Industrial belt of Pune, around 180 kms from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Pune is famous globally for quality instrumentation industries with ample skilled & talented work force. ‘Techtrol’ is recognized as most reliable & trusted brand, delivering quality products unsurpassed in terms of accuracy, workmanship, performance, safety & ease of installation, providing long uninterrupted service in wide & varied industrial applications. Our products are designed & engineered for optimal performance and with practical experience gained over last several years has equipped us, to meet the most demanding user requirements.

Complex automated systems are in-demand. The requirement for ever-more-stringent process control, and an inexorably strict condition of regulating the process, drive the engineers to seek more precise level measurement & control systems forliquids. Enhanced accuracy of level measurement makes it conceivable to decrease complex process fluctuation, bringing about high-quality results, lesscosts, and much lesser waste.

For measuring the level of liquids–heavy or light-weight, there are certain characteristics that need to be considered. Though liquids have more predictable characteristics than solids, the damage caused by the improper selection of instruments can be of the same intensity.

In this article, we shall discuss some key factors that you should take into consideration before you decide measuring levels in liquids.

Types of level measurement /monitoring

Nature of liquid

Condition of liquid

Properties of liquid

Operating conditions

Area classification

Sterile/Aseptic process

If all of the aforementioned six factors are considered for level measuremenrt in liquids, then you are good to go out to choose the proficient equipment that can cater to your requirements in diverse processes.

Contact Us

Pune Techtrol Pvt.Ltd

S-18, MIDC Bhosari,

Pune - 411026,India

Phone No- 020 66342900

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