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Best Mega Nerf Guns
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What is Mega Nerf Gun?

Nerf Gun with mega darts is known as Mega Nerf Gun.

What is Mega Dart?

Mega Darts are bigger in size than regular nerf darts such as Elite darts, AccuStrike darts, Modulus darts and Doomlands darts. Nerf Mega Darts are big red color darts with orange color tips. Mega Darts hit the target more powerfully then other darts. Mega Darts make whistling noise whenever they are fired from the nerf gun.

How to Find Best Mega Nerf Gun

In order to find a suitable mega nerf gun, we have used some nerf blasters. As a result, we found some mega blasters which are actually good in long term use. You should check our Best Mega Nerf Gun List and Reviews to get the blaster of your convenience.

01. Nerf AccuStrike Mega Bulldog Blaster

Nerf Bulldog Blaster is recently launched by Hasbro Inc. for nerf battlers. The blaster contains six mega darts and built-in dart drum to hold the mega darts. The Bulldog nerf gun comes with Swing grip up to retract the stock and make the sight flip down. It also has a dart holder on side where you can hang the extra darts.

02. Nerf N-Strike Mega AccuStrike Series Thunderhawk Blaster

Nerf Thunderhawk blaster is very long nerf gun with a bipod stand. You should use the bipod to steady the blaster and fire perfect shot on opponents. The blaster package contains 10 AccuStrike Mega Darts that are the most accurate nerf mega darts. You can adjust the blaster's length by sliding the barrel as per your requirement. Extending the barrel will be helpful to fire perfect shot in long distance.

03. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster

Nerf CycloneShock Blaster is a mega nerf gun designed for distance shots. Nerf battlers who play outdoor battles, should buy this blaster. The CycloneShock Blaster comes with 6 mega darts which make whistle noise when fired. This blaster is capable to shoot your target at a far distance of 90 feet. It has a dart drum that holds six mega darts at once. The drum rotates automatically when you fire a mega dart. So you can fire six darts back to back without reloading the blaster.

04. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster

Nerf Mega Magnus Blaster is a user friendly blaster. It can fire the mega darts at 85 feet away with great accuracy. The kids can hold and operate the Mega Magnus Blaster by one hand. It has integrated internal clip to load the mega darts into blaster. Nerf Mega Magnus Blaster also has quick reloading feature. You can hold the blaster in one hand and reload the darts with other hand. You can reload the darts into blaster in a running mission without any problem.

Now you have the most suitable and convenient mega nerf gun details. So you can choose the best mega nerf gun to play an nerf battle.

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