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Of Singlehood and Standards
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I really find it annoying when people question my having been single for six years.  I notice that every time I mention how long I've been unattached, the reaction is always a gasp-filled "Why?".  

I don't know what it is that people have against singlehood that they immediately assume there is something 'wrong' with you if you have not had a romantic relationship for some time.

My choosing to remain single can be attributed primarily to the fact that I have yet to meet a guy who passes my three-point test.  My three point test is as follows:

  1. I find him hot.
  2. He finds me equally hot.
  3. He and I both want to be in a relationship with each other.

Reasonable enough, right?  Yet, despite this very simple explanation, many still follow it up with that most irritating comment: "Maybe your standards are too high." Ugh.

We then go through this long-winded Q&A regarding my preferences or the qualities I seek in a partner. Why I subject myself to such even if I know there is a slim chance that the one 'interviewing' me would get what I'm saying, I don't know. But there is some wicked pleasure I derive out of making a simple point that baffles the romance-obssessed interrogator. 


I always make sure I steer the conversation towards that phase of interrogation and once I am asked, I readily give my answer and describe my ideal partner as best as I could. 

Of course, the person I tell it to would comment on how I described someone 'too ideal' and how that person 'does not exist'.  That's the point when I say the kicker: "Why, thank you for calling me 'ideal'! But as you may well have noticed, I do exist.".  I just love the look on the face of the one I say that to --- a mixture of shock and vexation!  The only thing that beats that look is when I follow it up with: "Yes, I just described myself to you earlier."

That usually shuts them up.

And I do mean it. I really do prefer someone whose personalilty is not too far from my own.  That way, it relieves both of us from having to undergo too much adjustment to each other's views, interests, and what not.  I just do not have the patience nor the endurance anymore for major adjustments.  I have my reasons.  If being in a relationship would require me that of me, then I'd rather be single.  Get my drift?

I didn't think so. <insert facepalm here>

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