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How to Convert Images to Text on iOS
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These days, everyone has a mobile phone with different apps for various functionalities. If you have the right apps, there's most likely nothing you can do on a computer that your phone won't do. For example, one of the many things you can do with your phone is converted images to text.

Several apps exist if you have an iOS device that can help you extract text from any image. Also, the newer iPhone versions come with Live Text functionality, with which you can grab text from images.

In this article, we'll explore how you can convert images to text on iOS. You can either get new apps for this or use the native Live Text feature on newer iPhones. Which option you decide to go for is based on the OCR technology – optical character recognition.



There is numerous OCR-powered image to text converters on iOS, and most of these are free. You don't need to install all the apps we list. Instead, install one and start enjoying the ease they afford.


The CamScanner app is a powerful tool. Once the application is installed, you can begin scanning text from receipts, invoices, whiteboards, notes, certificates, business cards, etc., with the phone's camera.

CamScanner ensures that the resultant text is clear, sharp and can be easily printed, shared or saved to the cloud. The app also makes it possible to edit the copied text. The app also has other functionalities like smart cropping, text enhancement, graphics, etc.

Office Lens

The Office Lens is a Microsoft tool that permits scanning, trimming, and overall document enhancement. The tool is powered by OCR technology. With this app, you can easily convert texts from images to editable Word or PowerPoint documents. You can also turn the copies of texts to note on your mobile phone.

The app is integrated with other Microsoft tools like OneNote, OneDrive and even Clour Storage. In addition, other tools can help you trim and clean up images.

Scanner Pro

This is one of the best OCR ( image to text converter ) tools available for iOS. It offers free functionality for almost everything you may want to do. The app also performs incredibly with scanning documents. However, while you can access most of the features for free, you'll need $19.99 per year for the pro features. One of the features only accessible by the premium subscription is the image to text conversion feature.



You can use the Live Text feature when you have any of the latest iPhones. With this functionality, you can copy and share text from images with the camera.

You need to open the camera and make sure the text appears within the camera frame. Then, when the camera focuses, select the icon that indicates the text copy functionality that automatically appears. You can then select, copy, lookup, translate or share the text.



iOS devices come with interesting functionalities, and the Live text feature is a great tool that makes it easy to convert images to text.

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