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Few Different Glass Pipe Types Used for Cannabis Smoking
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You can find many different kinds of pipes used for smoking cannabis, that can be made of metals, plastic and also glass. Some pipes can be simple while few can be complex in design.

In this article, we shall discuss about various kinds of glass pipes available online or in any head shop in your city. Let us discuss about few common varieties of glass pipes used particularly for cannabis smoking.

  1. Chillums

Chillums are usually shaped like simple tube. Use of chillum for smoking is considered as a primitive smoking method, as some of the early cultures used hollow reeds.

For using chillum pipe, you can simply pack herb into one of its ends light it. You can inhale it from another end. Experience is quite different from using other pipe types.

Size of chillum can also make a difference as regards to temperature or size of your hit. Due to their small size as well as simplicity of design, it is possible to take small quantity of dry herb.

  1. Spoon pipes

If you want to go for next step up then spoon pipe will be considered as next to chillum. Spoon pipes too have similar shape and construction, but they have a “bowl” at its one end, where whatever product you want to use can be deposited.

Unlike chillums, they can have a carburetor, which is just a hole inside the tube. To smoke using spoon pipe can slightly be complicated as compared to smoking by using a chillum.

Here you need to cover the hole by using your finger for drawing in air through the bowl. After that, uncover the hole for inhaling.

  1. Sherlock pipes

This type of glass pipe style can be recognized by everyone when we think about fictional character Sherlock Holmes smoking. There will be a bowl at the end of stem, where heat is applied on the product.

Smoke will then travel up the stem. Often this kind of pipe has longer-than-typical stem, which is referred as Gandalf pipe, which is also named after a fictional character. Sometimes such cool glass pipes can be designed with carburetors.

  1. Bubblers

Bubblers is another glass pipe style and it has been so-named, because it creates bubbles. Such pipe is hybrid of glass pipe and bong. It has small pipe, uses water like any bong and hence such pipes are often referred as glass-water pipes.

Water will act like filter for smoke, and creates tiny bubbles. Bubblers are also used with cold or hot water.

  1. Steamrollers

Steamrollers are the most complex variety which consists of tube having a bowl on its one end. At each of its end there can be an opening of the pipe, the one nearest bowl will serve as a carburetor.

Few other styles have an extra chamber which “rolls” smoke for cooling it further. In either way, steamroller can deliver powerful, fast hit which will “steamroll” any user, if he is not prepared for it.

Due to this, steamrollers should not be used by first-time users or less-experienced users.

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