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List of Top 6 Parenting Blogs in India – 2022 Edition
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Parenting is a big responsibility as you are building the future of the world. The children are going to be the future heroes of this world to make it a better place for living and for that powerful guidance is required. When you become a first-time parent, various things trouble you as you are handling such a situation for the first time and a small fault can harm the future of your kid. If you are looking for some guidance, tips, and advice, you are in the right place.  

Here is the list of top 6 parenting blogs in India for the 2022 edition that can provide great guidance for nurturing your happy child. 

The Feel Good Moments

It is the top parenting blog in India with a collection of beautiful moments of kids with their parents. The website provides great guidance for first-time parents to nurture a healthy relationship with their kids. The Feel Good Moments is a project of love and hope. The goal is to provide the parents with relevant and specific information related to child care and health. 

The blog contains various educational topics related to parenting, pregnancy, early teen, health & fitness, lifestyle, motivation, self-love, and much more.

India Parenting

It is the fastest growing parenting blog in India launched in 1999. The website contains all the essential information that parents seek for nurturing their kids and giving them a healthy childhood. The blog has monthly more than 1.5 million visitors and provides a platform where experienced parents share their experiences helpful for first-time parents. 


It is the best blogging website that aims towards building a healthy relationship between the mom and the kids. The blog takes you on the magical journey of the newly-wed couple to the newly-responsible parents. The blog covers various topics for specific areas like parenting, pregnancy, teens, baby food, health tips, and much more. 

Baby Center India

It is the most trustworthy and popular blog in India, considered the most reliable platform that shares useful information for new mums and dads. Various writers provide useful and productive information for the new parents focusing on topics like health, pregnancy, childcare, etc. The website works with various NGOs and government platforms towards spreading the information about making motherhood safer for all women. 

Budding Star

It is the most useful and popular platform for new moms to come forward and share their experiences which is helpful for other women. The website provides a great platform for the parents to share essential parenting tips that is useful for other parents. It explains how gentle parenting can help your

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