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JVC DLA-NX9 D-ILA Projector
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JVC is a new projector featuring new high bar HDR performance. JVC up-gradation was long-awaited, and now it is providing some excellent results. Here is a brief review of its new model, NX9.

New body:

Almost all things are new in the model. It has a new Chassis, imaging panels, and remote control. It is slightly different from all other projectors under the same company flag. The larger chassis with an enhanced 100mm glass lens make it unique. The DLA NX9 is the first projector of the series with 8K features.

Although it does not precisely perform as a real 8K e-shifter and does not even accept the respective feature's input signal, it is hard to compare it with upcoming 8k sources.

Coming towards its positive points, the inclusion of complete glass lens RS4500 makes it a favorite of many people. The pixel focus is excellent, and there is rarely any sign of fringing to the screen. Uniform focus is one of its positive features, yet there is a small soft appearance at extreme edges with zoom, which is why a big lens is required.

The projector is designed to assure its longevity and vent out warm air from the backside panel. Fan noise is so little that it is hardly noticeable. But when used in higher lamp mode, it is slightly higher but still can’t be heard.

The projector has dual full and precise bandwidth inputs for HDMI. Another flaw while using this smart projector is its difficult usability. It takes longer sync time than others, and switching signals through different formats becomes an exhausting job. Although it has improved still there is patience and waiting involved. 

The JVC NX9 allows choosing among different lens positions and gives a friendly pixel adjustment and settings linked to every image and part with ten memories. It means there is a whole world of customization. The new remote defiantly got new looks, but it is hard to find buttons in the dark, and there are lesser options to operate it freely.

Easy setup and Functions:

Setting up and calibration of JVC NX9 is a blessing. You can set up use zoom functions easily. The new feature in this smart projector is Auto Tone Mapping. Before, the rest projectors used one size that can fit all but now it is possible to set the tone using the feature. It helps to maximize pixel and frame average accordingly. You will also find a plug and play option when watching the HR stuff. One flaw in auto-tone is that it will stop working after reaching specific nits.


The NX9 performs best while watching sports and stuff. The output and color are very accurate. It is the best project in overall conditions. HDR works best in a light controlled atmosphere with the screen not more than 11 feet. Although the projector is good overall, it needs some toning and a few adjustments to make the image look more perfect.

Looking for JVC user manuals? We have more than 6000 pdf manuals for JVC devices. Pls visit http://manymanuals.com

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