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How to Switch Old Hotmail Account to a New Account ?
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As everyone knows that Hotmail has been acquired by Outlook in 2013, but there’s no need for users to switch from one email server to another. The Hotmail account access can be done like before to prevent users from any kind of hassles as many of them are non-technical and do not have any idea to get it done in a fast way. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to let users access old Hotmail account through Windows live interface


There are certain steps that can help you switch old Hotmail account to a new one. You just need to implement them carefully by using the different email address as your Microsoft account. Though many users have no idea to get this done, it is all due to the lack of knowledge that actually prevents them from taking necessary actions. Other than this, some technical problems also prevents users from getting the thing done in a unified way


Here are the reasons why users are not able to switch Old Hotmail account to a new account


  • Hotmail account not responding

  • Server not found

  • Account details not appropriate

  • unresponsive script errors

  • Server outage issues


Though some users have an idea how to move old Hotmail account to new account, they have no idea how to perform old Hotmail account recovery. If you are one amongst them and facing the same troubles every now and then, then follow the below mentioned steps


  • Sign-in into Hotmail account through Windows Live dashboard

  • Now look for more mail settings in the Option section

  • Look for the option “Managing your account” and create an Outlook alias

  • Open a page in which you need to enter desired email name in the email address text box

  • Look for create an alias tab and click on it.

  • Now the confirmation is asked from the mail server that you want to receive Hotmail messages in the new account.

  • Enter the verification code and press save button to make changes effective



Upon following these above-mentioned steps, the Hotmail account is updated successfully and you can switch your old account to the new one without any hassle. In case there is a problem doing this, the Microsoft tech team is available to render quick assistance through phone or chat to fix all kind of complex problems in minutes.


For More Information Contact us at - 1-855-855-3883 or Visit us at 

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  .   James Wattenberge
Thank you for sharing this article. Looking forward to waiting for few more articles this topic.
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