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Ways To Burn Calories You Didn’t Know About
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People want to burn calories to lose weight. You are probably thinking the only way possible to burn calories is to do insane, intense workouts like running on treadmills and using elliptical bike by going to the gym every day. You are wrong. You are burning calories all the time, and there are hundreds of ways you can burn calories that you probably didn’t know about. Here is what the fitness experts have to say about burning calories in your day to day life. 


Gardening burns about 260 calories per hour. That is a huge amount just by planting flowers. It is genuine, and you probably won’t feel it, but gardening provides you with a huge amount of exercise. By doing your garden yourself, you can save money on paying a gardener and get some fresh air at the same time. Try growing your vegetables to benefit from healthy and organic eating too. If you are thinking about mowing the lawn, then reflect on the 230 calories you can burn per hour as well!

Shovel Snow in the winter

Instead of paying for a strong man to come and get rid of the snow on your porch do it yourself. You can burn an incredible amount of 360 calories per hour while doing so. You can also tone your arms and strengthen your upper muscles by doing this outdoor activity. Save a lot of cash and stay fit at the same time.


If you like to take a nap during the day, then don’t feel guilty about it. In fact, sleeping burns around 40 calories per hour. Your body works hard while you are sleeping. Your body is controlling your sleep pattern, watching your internal temperature and pumping blood. This is why you burn calories when sleeping, so go to bed early or take a few hours nap during the day.


Cooking a meal from scratch, something homemade, tasty and healthy ensures healthy living, but you probably didn’t know that you are burning calories while doing so. In just half an hour of chopping and stirring, you can burn around 65 calories.

Bathing Your Pet or Your Child

If there is someone in your household, who needs to take a bath then go ahead and help. All that bending and lifting will give you a serious workout, and while doing this, you can lose up to 200 calories an hour. This is an activity that will allow you to bond with your pet or your toddler so go ahead and burn some of those extra calories.

Folding and Putting Away Clothes

Everyone knows that doing those household chores burns calories but did you know that just by folding and putting away clothes you can burn up to 210 calories per hour? It is genuine, and it has been proven. Go through your home, gather up all the clothes and start folding and putting them away. Put on some of your favorite dance tunes and do a jiggle while doing this chore to burn even more!

Give Someone a Massage

Who doesn’t love a calm and relaxing massage? Even though you probably want to be the one getting massaged you can burn up to 240 calories per hour by doing this. Show someone how much you care for them by setting half an hour aside to give them a massage. Lose calories while doing so and then you never know, they may return the favor!

Burn More Calories Today!

Losing weight isn’t just about eating healthy and enjoying regular exercise, but it is about going about your daily tasks as if it is a workout. You can lose more weight by doing more housework, sleeping more and even just by writing emails on the computer. Every movement you do will burn calories in one way or another so keep as active as you possibly can. If you want to cook a whole bunch of calories severely, then choose the traditional way.

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