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The maintenance of E-cig battery
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E-cig devices are like any other items you use in your daily life. They get cluttered with dirt from constant use. To obtain better product performance and longest possible life span, regular maintenance is necessary. The maintenance involves two parts majorly, E-cig battery and atomizer/ Cartridge. Proper cleaning and care will bring the devices to their peak performance. 

Atomizer/ Cartridge

When an atomizer/cartridge becomes dirty or clogged, you might find one or more of below problems are frequently happening:

1.Vapor production has drastically decreased compared to when the e cig atomizer is new, or completely stopped

2.It has become very difficult to draw air from the device

3.There is burnt/harsh taste when using the device. 

That is when you probably better clean the atomizer before further use, in order to improve the performance and enable their life time.  

There are many ways to clean an e cig atomizer. We will recommend a few methods that are both easy to do and effective here. Before going to any actual cleaning, you may disassemble the atomizer from your e-cigarette first. 

1.Soaking/Baths – Most recommended and common method, will fix many problems, but takes time.

A.Soak in water for at least 30-60 mins

B.Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water

C.Soak in water a 2nd time for at least 2-3 hours

D.Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water

E.Set upright and allow to dry for 24 hours

2.The Plunger – Much faster cleaning method, will fix many problems. *Requires a Plunger Kit 

A.Attach plunger fitting to syringe.

B.Attach atomizer to other end of fitting

C.Place cartridge end of atomizer under hot water and pull water through atomizer

D.Push and pull water back and forth through cartomizer several times until fully cleaned

E.Remove from water and blow air back and forth though cartomizer several times to remove excess water

F.Unattach atomizer and set upright to dry for 6-8 hours


Much like reusable cartridges, dirt and residue can accumulate where the battery meets the cartridge, so cleaning it with a damp cotton swab every week or so can improve the connection between the e-cigarette’s two parts and increase the device’s performance. If grime has hardened and doesn’t come off easily, try using something pointy like tweezers or a toothpick to scrape it out of the crevasses first. Regular cleaning on the connection part will not only give you better vapor experience, but also expanded usage of your e-cig devices. 

In addition, how you charge and will affect its life time too.  It is better to avoid over charging. When the light turns green, it’s fully charged and ready for use. Overcharging typically won’t cause any serious issues with e-cig batteries – or any lithium-based battery for that matter – but it’s still a good idea to disconnect the battery once it reaches a full charge so you can get the fullest out of your e-cig devices. 

If you would like to simply avoid the device maintenance, disposable E-cig will be the choice for you. However, most of the E cig batteries are reusable nowadays. It is also more cost effective in the long run. 

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