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Each time sports and other physical activities bring about serious injuries, individuals not only feel the have the intense need to recuperate physically but they also strive to regain confidence. These feelings produce series of anxiety that may influence their reactions to the injury, their approach to healing and recovery and ultimately their zeal to get back to the physical activities that resulted to the injury.

It is important to note that after an injury from a physical activity or exercise, it’s quite normal to have the feeling of slight apprehension about healing and recovery.  This psychological condition serves a purpose of providing some form protection from re-injury by trying to turn the mind off the cause of the cause of the injury. But if the lack of confidence, fear and anxiety becomes intense and persistent, the return to the sport can be severely threatened even after full recovery from the injury.

In other to overcome the fear of gym or any other form of physical activity after an injury, one has to follow the following practical guides.

Go Easy:

Get in touch with a qualified physical therapist, sports physician or gym instructor for assistance in developing a gradual return to activity plan.

This enhances recovery of the body and the mind too since the injury is of the body and the resulting fear and anxiety is of the mind.  Following the plan consistently will assist in building the required confidence to get back into the gym house.

Call for Help When Depression Sets In:

It is normal to feel sad and depressed when one can’t carry out the normal levels of physical activities as usual due to injury.

It is advisable at this juncture to ask for help from a qualified psychologist when this becomes the case because nothing destroys the sense of confidence and self esteem like depression.

Sporting individuals need to be conscious of the fact of the potential tendency to feel blue as recovery is taking place is basically because of inability to exercise and pour out those endorphins as usual.

Keep Tabs on the Recovery process:

More often than not, irrespective of marked improvement in recovery, the gains in the recovery process might become subtle because attention is paid on performance at the levels when there was no injury.

 It’s important to keep a note on the recovery process as this will also help in boosting morale and confidence in the services of the specialists and physicians in treatment and management of the injury. Again if you if you keep track of your recovery you can see, ‘Hey, I could only lift 15 kg dumb bell but last week but now I can lift 25kg.

Analyze your Moves and Actions:

One of the major contributing factors to injury in the gym and other physical activities is wrong practice due to paucity of knowledge and experience in the best approach to different events. Such wrong practices include but are not limited to lifting weights that are too heavy with respect to body size and level of experience, wrong positioning in lifting, not warming up properly before training and over-training.

Seek the counsel of the gym instructor as regards to the appropriate form for different events, the duration for each event with respect to level of experience and the appropriate level of difficulty for best training session. Make sure you have good form to avoid another injury. Deficit in technique can be corrected, and if there is none, you can get out there with the confidence that comes from the feeling that form and technique are perfect.

Finding the Fitness Solution with E2

Well, Fitness on Demand with E², a true revolution in fitness is just the right solution for you. This innovative gym finder app allows you to find a local premium gym in London and then sign up for a 2-hour session to use the gym, or attend a fitness class. You couldn’t have asked for anything more flexible!

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