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Rack Up Your Clothes, Close Up Your Closet
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Does your bedroom lack a closet? Do you have a lot of clothes to store but do not want a big closet to eat up your space? Then go ahead embrace the no-closet solution.


Garment racks are the new closets these days, as we see a lot of buzz around why you should move from closed closets to open garment racks. I have just got my fancy little garment rack recently online from Amazon. Here’s 9 reasons why I migrated to a no-closet solution with my new Lifewit Garment Rack.


  1. The first reason that comes to mind - garment racks are open, and let your clothes breathe instead of suffocating inside a closet. Depending on the fabric, many clothes absorb odor from other clothes hanging in there, and soon on a good Wednesday, you will smell of last Sunday. Open garment racks allow more airflow around the clothes.

  2. Pick out your favorite dresses quickly - open garment racks give you a clear view of all your clothes. So when it’s time for you to dress up, you can see your collection more easily compared to a closet where you have to hunt for the right dress and sometimes (happens to me) i tend to find the right dress after I return from the party.

  3. The Lifewit garment rack has caster wheels that allow you to move your garment rack around your room with ease. So if you don’t like it by the door, you can move it by the window.

  4. My Lifewit garment rack has extendable poles, so if my collection increases, I have the option of making the rack bigger while closets offer limited space and the only option would be to buy a new one that can accommodate more clothes.

  5. Like my Lifewit garment rack, most racks come with a base that can also hold your shoes. Now this is a great advantage from me as I do not prefer closing up my shoes with my clothes inside my closet. An open garment rack keeps your clothes fresh and can also hold your frequently used shoes and leave no unpleasant smells.

  6. If you decide to relocate, your massive closed closet will be a nightmare to move, unlike my Lifewit garment rack that is easy to setup and disassemble in minutes.

  7. The Lifewit garment rack and all other racks are the cheap and better alternatives to owning closed closets.

  8. Most closed closets are made of wood and over time, they accumulate scratches or needs a paint job. You do not have to worry about this with open steel garment racks, and the Lifewit garment rack is scratch and rust proof.


Here’s a look at what the Lifewit garment rack has to offer. Now go rack up your clothes, and close up your closet.



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