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How To Choose The Right Yakima Roof Rack In Sydney?
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Yakima Roof RackYou know Yakima roof racks are the best but are not sure which model to buy – fear not, this article covers the base and provides you a definitive map on how to choose the right Yakima roof rack in Sydney.

You are right to be slightly confused. Yakima has several roof racks for ready use. Each of the Yakima roof racks is engineered for specific purpose and weight category. So, which Yakima roof rack you choose would depend upon what you intend to carry and also how much weight you intend to carry. So let us give you a bird’s eye-view of the main roof rack models in the Yakima stable. Remember, there is no “best” roof rack – they are all good; your choice should be governed by intended use.

The LOADWARRIOR – this amazing roof rack is very versatile and very rugged. As the model name suggests, this Yakima roof rack is a cargo basket that will haul just about anything you dump into it. No matter what gear you family or friends need to transport, you will find the Yakima LoadWarrior up to speed. So, whether you decide the carry just plain luggage i.e. suitcases, furniture or something more exotic like skis, bikes, boats and canoes your Loadwarrior will not let you down.

The Loadwarrior requires minimal assembly and so installation is a breeze (5 minutes or less). It will also accommodate most of Yakima gear mounts so you can enjoy your outdoor activities. The Yakima Loadwarrior is engineered from weather-resistant heavy-duty steel construction. You can also optionally add 18” and expand your cargo capacity by 40%.

Next, is the Yakima FATCAT 6 EVO – This is one of Yakima's sleekest and holds four snow boards or six pairs of fat skis or combination thereof. It also includes locks, and is just as easy to install as the Loadwarrior mentioned above.

The Yakima FatCat EVO includes the HangOver™ - patented clamp attachment point system that makes it easier to reach your snow boards or snow skis. The Yakima Fatcat EVO also has locks built in so you can transport your expensive sports gear without fear of it being stolen. The Yakima Fatcat EVO is available in mirror black finish that looks awesome on any vehicle roof.

The Thule Roof Racks are aerodynamically designed and includes the DoubleJoint™ hinge system that expands for easy use with thick skis and boards. As mentioned earlier, it includes the HangOver™ clamp-mounting system with very large buttons so you don't have to take your mittens off. With the SmarT-Slot Kit, the Yakima FatCat EVO is also compatible with T-slot crossbars.

Ultimately, there are the very supportive and knowledgeable staffs at the Bars-n-racks outlet at Sydney. They will answer every question you have. More information on Tow Bar Sydney is available here: http://www.barsnracks.com.au

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