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Simple Piano Storage Tips to Move Piano At Home
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Shifting or moving a piano has always been termed not only dangerous but too much effort-taking as well. Yes that’s the most obvious fact we know but given that it generally takes expertise to move piano, here are some cool piano storage tips to get you started with the shifting process.

No matter what one may say, ask the people who have real piano moving experience to know how gross the challenge is. Well, though it seems kind of joke when one talks about moving a piano long distance or locally, but there are many piano storage tips that you can follow in order to get the task done.

First of all, you should be aware of the types of pianos that you may need to deal with. Once you know what’s your piano type, only then you can decide the suitable way to move it. Let’s get started.

Piano Storage Tips: Types of Pianos

Too Much Weight - These types of pianos are small and upright and generally weighs between 300-400 LBS (also known as Spinet pianos). The big upright models can range between 500-800 LBS whereas the grand ones are usually around 1200 LBS or even heavier.

That Weird Bulkiness - The smallest in this category are 58 inches long with 3ft height. The grand pianos, which are usually concert grand pianos are the largest types known and can be up to 9 feet in width.

Fragile Factor - Although pianos look solid and heavy but they are extremely fragile. The innards of a piano are not only complicated but sensitive to any damage or wear and tear.

That’s why you need to know the basics of piano storage so that you can move your expensive and beloved musical instrument to another place without any loss.

Piano Storage Explained in 4 Easy Steps

1. Get Your Piano Storage Team Ready - The first tip among our list on how to move piano are none other than helpers. You definitely cannot move a piano alone, unless you are hulk. So if you have good friends or neighbors out there, call them up for some help. Note that the least number of hands required in piano storage is 8, that means 4 people. You need minimum 3 more people apart from you to get it done. Remember that your team need not be fitness expert or too strong. Average health people will also do.

No one should wear baggy clothes and loose shoes with good traction and protection especially for the feet.

2. Get the Equipment Ready - you have got the helpers and now you just need some must-have tools that will help you with your piano storage task. There are 3 basic tools that you will require:

Moving Dolly - A moving dolly is a must while moving ap piano. There should be minimum one four-wheeled dolly or two if your piano is big enough.

Furniture Straps - You will need high quality furniture straps to lift your piano temporarily.

A truck ( Pickup or rental) - The end equipment you will need is a pickup or a rental truck that you will hire for loading/unloading ramp.

3. Get the Piano Prepared for Moving - Pay attention to below-mentioned tips.

  • Avoid rolling out your piano on its metal casters. It’s for appearance and can only help it move to some inches only. Don’t try to use it for the entire shift process.

  • Wrap your piano with some blanket or so to avoid any physical damage and lock them with with some quality tape.

  • Shut the lid and lock it (if possible) to avoid any damage to the delicate keys of the piano. You can also wrap the lids tightly in case they won’t lock and use stretch tap to close all the openings.

4. Get It Moved - This is where the game begins.

  • You must know the route you’d be following while moving your piano so that you know all the obstacles and bumps in the way. Also, inform your helpers about the next action in advance to avoid confusion or hurry. Communication and sync play key role when you decide to move piano by yourself.

  • Keep the furniture straps under each end of your piano and then use at least power of two people to lift it. Don’t forget that the piano should be kept upright as soon as it is in the air. Do not tilt it at any cost or lay it down on any side as it can possibly cause injuries as well as damage to the piano itself.

  • Get other helpers to move it on the dollies and make sure that it is kept at the right position.

  • If you are moving it somewhere out of the house, then you are going to need a conveyance or vehicle to load and transport it there.

  • Go slowly and steadily as it is said ‘Haste Makes Waste”. Don’t try to quicken up the process even if it’s going too smooth and well. Take time and do it with patience.

  • Load it and then unload it the same way with care and caution.

NOTE: If there are stairs in the way, try not to do it yourself. Get help from professionals only.

So this was our roundup of tips to help you with piano storage. Enjoy.

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  .   mark.anthony.grogan
When you are choosing the best removal company, it means that they would have to be able to handle even the most delicate item that you have to move out. Piano for instance needs careful handling and special care in order for it to reach the destination in its original condition. Without proper training by the company, the movers could simply damage your precious piano and it would be too late to regret then.
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