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How to Find Drug Detox?
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Being addicted to drugs, whether they are street drugs or prescription drugs, it's a hard road to walk. When you're ready to consider joining a drug detox program, there're certain things to consider before going into rehab. Many street and prescription drugs, as well as alcohol, have a physical addiction component attached to them that makes them difficult and physically dangerous to detox from on your own.
Drug detox centers or drug detox rehab provide the physical support that you need to withdraw from the drugs safely. Drugs that require a detox include opiates such as heroin and opium, cocaine, crystal meth, alcohol, benzodiazepines such as Klonopin, Xanax, or valium, and prescription pain killers such as Vicodin (Lortab, hydrocodone) or oxycontin. Whether or not you will require a detox will depend on many factors, including your physiology as well as the amount and frequency of your drug use. It's a good idea to get evaluated with a drug detox test by a doctor before deciding to enter a detox center - if you are using insurance, most companies will require this before admissions and coverage for your benefits.
While there are many hospitals and drug detox centers that focus only on the physical withdrawal aspect of substance abuse, it is generally more effective in the long run to find a drug detox center that also provides an ongoing in-patient type of four-week program that includes support for the mental and emotional aspects of drug addiction. It does no good to go through the pain and suffering of drug detox if you don't have the tools to stay away from the addiction in the future. 
If you are trying to get a family member into drug detox, before setting up an intervention, make sure that you have located some facilities that you can send your loved one to. An intervention is about creating an immediate change for the person. Nothing is worse than going through an intervention to have a family member finally agree to drug treatment and then not be able to locate an appropriate drug detox rehab center for several days. That is too long to wait after the intervention, and your loved one will most likely have already gone back to using drugs in the meantime. 
The other thing to consider when entering rehab is whether or not you should do so in your immediate area or go away to another state. Sometimes, if you have failed drug detox before, it may be beneficial to consider going out of state. Sometimes, the extra distance between you and your dealer really helps to provide that extra boost you need to quit.
Lastly, there're many drugs that do not have a strong physical addiction component like marijuana which may still become a problem for some people. If you've ever considered using products to mask your drug use, such as a drug detox test to pass an employment "exam," you may want to consider whether or not your drug use is a problem overall in your life. If you need to alter your behavior for any drug, the drug has control over you. Once a drug has control over your life, is it really fun anymore? While drug detox may not be necessary to break any physical addiction, your success in quitting will be greatly enhanced by getting professional support. Rehab isn't only for the so-called hard drugs. While an in-patient stay may not be necessary, you do have the option of day treatment or weekly groups and/or counseling. Day treatment programs may even be run in the evenings in your area allowing you to continue working while going through a comprehensive treatment program.


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