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How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety On and Off the Internet
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Our kids’ safety happens to be our first and foremost priority; whether it’s on the internet or off it. Different issues like whether our kids are hanging out in the right crowds, or if they are surfing the wrong sites are only some of the issues that plague the minds of parents today. Some feel with changing times, parenting itself has become a strenuous job and why shouldn’t they, after all, parenting in the time of our parents was a piece of cake compared to all the evils we must always be on the lookout for. However, at the same time, the digital world also provides parents with some tools to help make their lives easier especially when it comes to ensuring their kids safety.

Today, every kid is in possession of a gadget, whether it is a cell phone or a tablet or even a laptop. In either case, the digital world allows you, dear parents, to easily monitor your kids growing up through various monitoring applications which are easily available online. Here’s what these spying applications have to offer to you:

Online safety

  1. Go through emails:

Spying applications help parents to easily scrutinize their kids email accounts. This means parents can now go through their kid’s complete email threads and contact lists as well. The monitoring application has access to a number of email services including GMAIL allowing parents full reins on their kids’ accounts.

  1. Properly scan social media accounts:

Everything significant seems to happen on social media these days which means you can be sure that your kid has a very active social media life in the digital world. However, this social media presence can become a real nuisance if not properly handled. Giving out too much information can lead to privacy issues or simply being in contact with the wrong people can lead to safety issues hence, parents hear kids activities in surrounds on phone’ social media usage. And with the help of spying applications it has become very easy these days.

  1. Place adequate amounts of filters:

The internet can be used for a number of reasons. When it is misused, a lot of problems follow. Hence parents are recommended to use monitoring applications like TheOneSpy to help place filter on search engines hence limiting their kids’ access into the digital world. Some applications allow users to place filters in the form of complete phrases as well.

  1. Get a full uncensored web browsing history log:

Kids of today are smart and have the complete knowhow about how to erase any unwanted traces on their gadgets like deleting web histories. However, with the help of spying applications, parents can now easily get a complete log list of all the sites visited.

Offline safety

  1. Spying Calls and SMS:

If you even get a whiff of something’s not right, you can easily go through your kid’s calls and SMS messages easily through spying applications. This software allows parents to record complete calls find out the originating calls location and have access to complete history logs as well.

  1. Be aware of their GPS location:

This is one of the most valued features of working parents especially. This is because it allows parents to always know where their kids are physically through GPS tracking. it also allows parents to feed the system coordinates of a designated region which if the kid moves out of, the parents will know automatically as they will receive a notification.

  1. Know about their calendar activities

Although children are most unlikely going to be keeping calendar activities, but a new trend known as tagging your availability for various Events on Facebook allows parents to know from beforehand where their children could most likely be in the near future.

  1. Log into their gadget’s multimedia:

Every piece of multimedia which is sent received or downloaded onto your kids gadgets can be easily tracked with the help of monitoring applications. This means you will have access to your kids’ latest obsessions.


Safety for our loved ones is one thing that can never be compromised upon which means parents will go to lengths to assure their kids are safe and secure without tampering with their independence. And one of the best ways to do this is with the help of monitoring applications which allow parents to keep an eye on their kin from a safe distance.

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