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Benefits of Using Landing Page Builder
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Now that you have tried every possible way to garner leads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, posted content in LinkedIn, followed prospects on Twitter, but it seems like you have not churned enough leads. Maybe you are not leading your audience to an ‘action destination’ or precisely a landing page. A landing page is any web page where your audience land to perform an action desired by you. They are your sweet spots to guide your customers to do exactly as you want them to.

A landing page allows you to capture visitor information through a lead form which is later redirected to sales to further perform a set of actions. It is designed with a business goal in mind and allows a single specific action from your audience.

A landing page needs to strike the chord of customers’ needs. Why should a customer click-through your product link or your blog link? You need to address the need of customers which convinces them to click on the links. The landing page should also be a standalone web page distinct from your main website.

Landing page builder allows you to build click through pages, where customers click through to another page, and lead generation pages, where you capture visitor data such as name and email address for future marketing purposes. Click through pages are used to describe your product or offers in sufficient detail so that you warm up your visitor to get into the purchase mode. Whereas in lead generating landing pages, you capture the visitor's information in the minimal possible questionnaire, along with the information of what they would be receiving in return for their data, which can be an eBook or whitepaper, webinar registration, gifts, vouchers etc.

How can you actually use this?

Easy to build landing pages

Landing page builder has inbuilt templates of most effective landing pages which can be readily used rather than investing time and money on a developer. You can use the templates which are available and instantly work on them. You can create best landing pages for ad campaigns with an easy to use drag and drop interface, dynamic text replacement, integration with WordPress and many other features.

The number of questions you ask from the visitor can directly impact conversion - filling out a form for an ebook, fill out their email address so they can subscribe to your blog, or fill out transactional information to purchase a product on your site. These templates include the minimal possible questions.

Build mobile-friendly pages

Mobile responsiveness can sometimes be a bit tricky because you need to understand the mobile OS and spatial arrangement, size of the click-on buttons, view etc. When you create a mobile version of the landing page, elements could go all over the place demanding more effort from customers. Even if they try to re-position the page to have a mobile-friendly view, it would change the main landing page elements. Landing page builder understands the difference between a desktop and mobile, letting you build any form of landing pages with ease.

High converting templates

Every landing page builder includes a lot of prebuilt eye-catchy templates which are too-pretty-to- not-use and also can achieve your conversion goals really well. Designed specifically to build landing pages, they’re pre-optimized for conversions. If you dig deeper, you will notice that landing page builders include templates based on the certain goals you may have for your page. Your goal can be to educate prospects on your product, collect webinar registrations, increase website traffic, collect lead information for future sales, or allow prospects to buy products etc. They are also flexible to create new pages, edit the existing pages according to your specified actions.

Easy A/B testing

Interestingly a minute change in your landing page can result in huge conversions. You need to test different landing pages vs their conversion rates before you zero in on one. A landing page builder software with A/B testing capabilities means that you won’t need another tool specifically for testing your pages. In addition, if you were to use a separate A/B testing tool to test your landing pages, you would not only create variations in your testing platform, but once you discover what change is required on your landing page, you will have to go back to your landing page creator and re-do the work.

Tools, like EngageBay, has integrated landing page builder with A/B testing feature which can be used on any website to easily run A/B tests. By creating your test variations directly inside your landing page builder, makes your test variation live and the changes can be done with just a simple click.

Edit the page code

Sometimes you need more than what’s available. For all those eager ones who want to modify the page code, landing page builder lets you edit HTML, CSS, and JS for the new web forms. Choose a template and customize the code to create better landing pages with better user experience. With everything readily available, there is no need to build from scratch. Duplicating a page and creating a variation is done in a click, and the whole experience is much more relaxing than coding a landing page from scratch or using platforms made to build whole websites.

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