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3 Useful WordPress Plugins
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First of all remember to activate 2-factor authentication on your WordPress website to secure it.

1 – Premium SEO Pack

This plugin http://premiumseopack.com/ knocks Yoast’s WordPress SEO out of the water! With internal SERP tracking, site speed reporting, schema data, social optimization and even link building built into one plugin.. it’s pretty incredible!

The plugin is a premium plugin, and it may be classed as a bit pricey considering most plugins are under ten bucks, but it’s fully worth it for the massive amount of features that this plugin has within it.

2 – SNAP – Social Networks Auto-Poster

Now regardless of what you might think this plugin is via the name, it is really a lot more interesting than what it says on the tin.

It’s a totally free plugin, you can download it here and it essentially comes with a ton of configuration for a heap of different social networks – Including Facebook’s OpenGraph, Twitter’s Meta Cards and more… It also gives you the ability to easily send out your posts across multiple social networks simultaneously.

3 – Ninja Kick Sidebar

Another premium plugin, I’m sorry But it’s pretty cheap, only $25.

Do you run a WooCommerce store? Ever wanted to hide the basket off the page for people to easily get too without having to go to a different page, but you don’t want it to clog up the screen?

Run a blog? If not, you should, you don't need expensive harder, even a cheaper laptop is enough to manage your blog. Ever wanted the comments to be hidden but still visible on the same page?

Well, I know a few Ninja’s that can help you out!

There’s a small button on either the right or left (your decision) side of the page, once a user clicks it or clicks another area (which you can also specify) somewhere on the page, it’ll pop open and reveal a hidden sidebar/content area.

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