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Sorority Makeover Season Priemer
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sorority makeover before


In the summer of 2013, the recently graduated Miss Megan decided that she would rush at a very large southern university with a highly competitive sorority rush. Over 1000 girls are to participate. Problem is, most girls start prepping for this rush back in November 2012! Megan is a recent high school graduate from a small school (less that 60 in the graduating class) in a small town. She is competing for the top sororities against urban sophisticates with legacy backgrounds. What is a sister to do? Makeover!!! And we documented the journey for your view and educational pleasure.

Episode #1 shows you what I am working with; my blank canvas.


To see all the videos in the Sorority Makeover Series, visit our YouTube Playlist

Are you rushing a sorority or considering rush? What are your concerns?

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