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Logged-in users will be able to Create Zones, Favorite Zones and have Reading Lists in them.

Create a Zone

Can't find the Zone you're looking for? Create one!

Zone Admins

A zone can have up to 50 Zone Admins.

You will be the first Admin for the zone you create. However, any Heatbud user is allowed to send you a "Request to be Admin" for your zone.

You may or may not approve the requests, but if you do, the admin you just approved will have the same privileges as you in that zone. Beware: If you approve an Admin Request, he/she may remove you as Admin for your own Zone.

Who can create posts in a Zone?

Any of the Zone Admins can decide whether the posts can be made by "Only the Admins" or "Any Heatbud User".

Favorite a Zone

Click on the favorite icon next to the zone name under Top Zones. The zone will be added to the beginning of My Zones.

Delete from Favorites

Click on the "delete" icon next to the zone that you want to delete.

Move your most favorite zone to the beginning of My Zones

Was your most favorite zone moved to the second page of My Zones? Simply delete and favorite it again, and it will move to the beginning of My Zones.

Have a Reading List in a Zone

When you enter a zone for the first time, a Reading List will be created with the TOP five posts from that zone.

As you reach the end of the Reading List, Heatbud's proprietary algorithm appends the TOP three posts among the UNREAD in that zone. This ensures that you always read the Top Posts as you move forward.

You will reach the dead-end of the Reading List when there are no more posts in that zone. When new posts are published, they will be automatically added to your Reading List even when you are not online, so when you come back next time they are lined up for you to read.

The Reading List is completely transparent to Heatbud users. The purpose of the reading list is to ensure that you won't read the same post again and again unless you treverse backwards in the Zone.


When you favorite a zone, you can take advantage of the alerts.

These are the little red numbers next to each zone under My Zones that denote the number of unread posts in that zone.

Alerts are especially helpful when you have read all the posts in a Zone. When you login next time, you will see an alert denoting the number of posts that have been published while you were away.

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