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Top Level PR - Reviews Best Crowdfunding PR for 2014
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Top Level PR once again stands out as the top rated PR firm for crowdfunders. According to a crowdfunding poll on several of the leading crowdfunding forums, Top Level PR ranks as the #1 way for crowdfunders to get more coverage for their projects. Crowdfunders especially liked the results driven focus that the Top Level PR team uses for every project they take on. This refers to the proven PR and social influencer outreach processes that they use to get your project promoted. You may visit toplevel pr to find out more details.


The main categories that TopLevelPR scored particularly well on was the fact that their agency has been helping crowdfunders since 2013. Its obvious from their track record in the crowdfunding community that they are in this much more than to make a buck. Top Level PR has donated thousands of PR services for free to projects that help children with debilitating illnesses. They have raised huge amounts of money for good causes that they care about, as well as for their crowdfunding clients who are trying to launch their business.


TopLevelPR.com was also quoted as an helpful resource for crowdfunders trying to navigate the complex and often confusing world of crowdfunding PR services. The firm noticeably dedicates a lot of time to educating crowdfunders on how to get the best PR promotion for their crowdfunding campaigns. TopLevelPR actively helps crowdfunders avoid wasting money on press releases services that do not directly benefit a project or lead to more funding. TopLevelPR’s actions have lead them to become one of the most trusted names in the crowdfunding community and especially in the crowdfunding promotions industry.


Top Level PR reviews are among the highest in the crowdfunding space. According to their website, outside the volunteer work that they do, “the majority of Top Level PR’s success stories have come from the Fashion, Tech, Design, Film, Music, and Non-profit categories on Kickstarter and Indiegogo”. If you have a project launching (or perhaps you already launched a project right now) then you need to see if Top Level PR can help. They’ve helped thousands of crowdfunders get funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo using their unique PR outreach process.


TopLevel PR is known for reviewing a project beforehand to make sure it’s suitable for the type of targeted PR outreach that they do. They often reach out to projets that may be a perfit fit based on their unique criteria. To learn more about this highly ranked PR service, you can contact the offices of TopLevel PR directly on their website at toplevelpr.com.


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  .   mujiseo
I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me. Slotomania hack
  .   gishbill
I agree that it's hard to find a good resource for what you need nowadays. I'm just wondering why? Is it because of a lack of professionals? Even when you're trying to find someone to finish your papers, https://essayvikings.com/research-papers-for-sale won't be enough! You always need a backup resource to be sure the work will be done just the way you need.
  .   Mary Wampler
No doubt, everyone try to get popularity through social media as well as site sources but some of the social issues come in pr level that's I understand to read your precious post. Before visit this article, I mostly search about best essays.com to get useful tips but I appreciate you for providing amazing materials. Thank you!
  .   Liesbeth Alden
I decided to use toplevelpr for my indiegogo campaign. They where very responsive and I thought honest. Sadly, their service is terrible, and all promises justs lies. They do not offer a high quality pitch, nor do they approach journalists as they say. They do write a pitch, which I can make myself, and use some distribution blast services, I can subscribe on as well. just for 4 times the price. When making contact again and asking for a refund, they claimed that they cannot make any refunds. I looked a little further and found many many bad reports and feedback about toplevelpr. They are not in the market for a long time either, only this this year, 2016. I contacted some of their previous 'cuustomer' from the 'reviews', nobody knew them! And even worse, when contacting, I noticed that the names and the campaigns where changed. I even found out that their reviews (videos) are all fake, and bought online. Please do your research before you even consider talking to them. They did not only scam me, but made me loose almost a week of crucial time to run my campaigns. Be warned! Oh: and their "team picture" : from the Hungarian Kia team... they just stole a random picture from the internet!!
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